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Where TF Are My Commissions?

It’s a shocking, and sad fact – Take 100 random home based network marketers, and somewhere between 90 and 99 of em will never make more than five hundred bucks.

Nope, not $500 this month….

Not even $500 this year…

I’m talking not even $500 in their lifetime.

(Slowly swallow Prozak…)

Depressing isn’t it?

Now, if you happen to wake up in the A.M, make a mad dash to your smart phone and anxiously refresh your back office, only to see blank downline squares…

Meaning another day has passed without a new team member or product sale…

You’re not alone amigo.

“Where TF are my commissions?”

Ain’t that the million dollar question.

To be fair, there could be many reasons why your network marketing income is virtually non-existent.

Rather than taking a shot in the dark and attempting to troubleshoot your home biz without even seeing it, why don’t I instead mention the things I do where the leads flow like a river of vodka. (get yer mixer, bruh)

I’m gonna keep it short and simple.

So, buckle up, off we go…

1) Peace

Naw, not the in the sense of hippies, tie dyed shirts and shaggin wagons, but in the sense of me being at peace with the services I promote and the plan of action I have chosen.

Something magical happens when you say to yourself “Hot damn, this is it… I don’t need anything else.  It’s all right here”.

A huge weight feels lifted off of your shoulders.

You stop looking for the next best thing, you unsub from all the gooroo email lists which are pulling and pushing you in all different directions.

“Paralysis analysis” becomes a thing of the past.

And then you start sprinting, full steam ahead towards your destination.

Meanwhile, most wannabe network marketers are jogging, then walking, then turning around and running in the opposite direction, maybe taking a wrong turn here and there and eventually reaching a dead end… only to have to back track and start all over again.

Until you find your ideal path (marketing formula) and you allow yourself to get all in mentally, that’s when you really begin to shine.

Leads, signups and sales don’t land in the laps of indecisive, wishy-washy, “I’ll give it a try” type of tire kickers.

They go to those who have visions and a clear direction.

Nothing’s better.

In having that undisputable inner peace and unwavering belief, their message is much more convincing to potential prospects.

That’s why in my marketing I have never had an issue injecting leads into my autoresponder.

There was no reason for anyone to want to buy what I promote…

…except for the fact that I had a vision and certainty with my marketing that could not be faked.

Peace, dude (find it)

2) Skinny

Naw, not in the sense of Christian Bale preparing for the role in the movie “The Machinist” skinny…

…but in the sense of: I’ve trimmed the fat and now run a clean, lean and mean marketing business type of skinny.

This proven profit producing element is super easy to explain.

Simply put, I only do activities that make the money tree shake and I can just easily pick up the droppings (bills, silly)

I don’t play on Facebook, don’t casually watch cat vids on youtube, don’t waste my time fighting and bickering with other marketers on MLM forums, and I don’t lie to myself about which tasks take me closer to my goal and which don’t.

I’m really a time snob.

The rate at which I value my time is so skyrise high that it makes me ill to even consider wasting a half hour on some BS OCD loop that won’t put mo chedda in my wallet.

On top of that, I keep it real when it comes to my to do list for the day.

If it ain’t on my core commitments (blog post coming on these), I’m probably not doing it.

(quick overview of my commitments. They are; learn daily, market daily, workout daily)

As obvious as those seem, the peeps failing tend to spend their time doing anything but the tasks mentioned.

I win at generating leads because I consistently put out my compelling content than my competitors and I get my content in front of motivated buyers, every day.

I’ve become selectively ignorant to everyone and everything that doesn’t move my business forward.

I couldn’t tell you the new system the guru’s are pushing these days, or whose launching some course, or what the trending topic is over on mlm forums.

I’m in mah zone, always.

Trim the fat in your business and in your life…

…so that almost everything you read, watch, listen to, think about or do involves making you a better marketer.

And for God’s sake, ditch the Cliche’s.

When you can match the 2 concepts I have, discovering signups and sales and finding commissions injected into your bank account will become your new morning ritual.

Write your way to commissions by clicking here and getting my copywriting cheat sheet..

No more asking yerself, “Where TF are my commissions”!?






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