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Not Your Regular Gooroo Email List

Let’s be honest here:  You need to sign up for another email newsletter about as bad as I need a hemorrhoid (eww).

So let’s meet in the middle.

If you would be so kind to invite me into your crowded email inbox, then I’ll make damn-well-sure I don’t do anything annoying.

I pinky promise that every email I send will be:

  • All killer and no filler
  • To the point, Dexter
  • Marinated with moolah
  • Cooked with case studies
  • And always entertaining

Marketers talk, I catwalk.  Meow.

That’s the difference.

Now if you wanna download my short cheat sheet, that shows you how to turn boring copy into sexy copy that will sell the pants off of your product or service, then insert your email into that digital slot machine below and get dingin.

If not, mouse pound that back button.