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Non-Stop Network Marketing Leads: Go Get Em!

Building an insanely profitable network marketing business really hinges on one thing:

Lead Generation Baby…

If you can get a constant flow of ready to buy network marketing leads, you could blow at everything else, and still kill it.

Most marketers can’t.  And therefore, don’t (kill it).

It’s not from a lack of effort though.

You see these marketers on social media hounding their friends and family, inviting people to pitch fests (webinars disguised as training),  and just trying way to hard pitching their opportunity to the wrong crowd, in the wrong way.

I’ve adopted a “reverse” method.

This strategy I use allows me to build a smarter business online, without having to the annoying, uncomfortable, low yield tasks taught by many network marketing companies.

I don’t bother friends and family.

I refuse to attend lame hotel meetings or host high pressure home cookie parties.

And I sure as shit won’t pick up the phone to phone prospects.

Call me lazy (I am), but those methods sound too much like work.  Plus, it seems silly to target people who haven’t already raised their hand and say they’re interested.

Here’s my philosophy:

  • I only target other network marketers and online marketers.  These are the people who get it.  So I don’t have to waste time and energy convincing them MLM is the way to go.
  • I don’t chase or beg.  And I do ZERO offline, in person or over the phone networking.  Instead, I leverage the internet to position myself as a leader who solves problems.  As a result, leads come to me.
  • Instead of me being a cheerleader for the company I am with, I sell ME first, then recommend what I got on the back end.  In this industry, companies get shut down, or people lose interest till the next big thing comes along.  I’d never want to create an income stream that lives or dies and hinges on that specific company itself.
  • I believe in multiple income streams.  A very small percentage of MLM leads will ever join your primary business.  It’s important to have alternatives that can still meet their needs and make you moolah.
  • I could care less about quantity of leads.  I’d way rather have 10 leads with credit card in hand, than 100 leads who’re pure tire kickers.
  • Unlike most network marketers, when I do convert traffic into email friends, I don’t slam em with hyped up promo after the next.  I focus solely on entertaining them and building a stronger relationship.  And as a result, selling happens naturally.  I don’t sell, I market.

Boom goes the dynamite!

As you can see, my philosophy is opposite to many.

It just makes sense, and allows me to build a digital business that is very free flowing.

When the majority are zigging, I’m zagging.

And now that I have just conveniently set this ball right up over the net, I’ll go ahead and spike it now.  Sorry ’bout your glasses, bro.  Shoulda had your hands up.

If you haven’t already,  join my list and download my cheat sheet on how to write sexy sales copy so you can sell your stuff.  You’ll love it, it’s short and sweet and packs a mean kick, Jose.




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