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K.O Cliches, Bitch Slap Boring

I preach a lot about generating leads and making sales.

But that’s only half the battle.  The other half?  Words.  Your’s as a matter of fact. Especially in network marketing and affiliate marketing.  People are out there sponsor shopping as I speak.

So throw me in yer cart.

And you know?

Shopping is actually a damn good way to think about this.

Imagine your a bag of chips.  And your way down at the bottom of the aisle. Lame packaging, boring brand.

Shopper Shelly comes strolling down the aisle.

Chewing that gum loud enough for anyone within two rows to hear, of course.

Then outta no where….

The cart suddenly comes to a halt, the gum chewing stops.

She’s parked right smack dab in front of you, fiending for chips and salsa. Here’s your chance..

“Oooo ooooo, pick me, pick me!” you scream.

Except your a bag of chips damnit, and you can’t speak.

All you want is to be licked and dipped.  But Shelly says “whatevs” and opts in for the Tostitos instead.

Which just happened to be at eye level.

And sheltered in a bold blue bag with colorful copy and topped off with a very well known brand.

You never stood a chance muchacho.

Aww no way, did she just do that too?

To pour salt in your wounds, Shelly boots your thick and chunky cousin with her gucci’s as she lunges for a jar of Tostitos Salsa.

Damn Tostitos.

And the rich get richer.

Does that sound about right?  Mmm hmm

Ever feel like you’re the no name yellow bag of chips in your network marketing or affiliate marketing company?

And the handful of stage walking earners are the Tostitos?

Or the Lays?

Or the Pringles? (homeboys got curves – how the hell do you compete with that?)

I’m sure you have.  I sure know I did.

So whats the solution?  Make a better chip? Nope.  Make a different chip.

Ruffles got ridges, Pringles got curves (and a cool package), Tostitos made scoops.  Other peeps in the chip game went niche.  Low sodium, less fat, whatever.

Lays went and got a famous hockey player.

Did these guys throw up their hands and say “well the chip industry is saturated – guess we can’t compete.  Guess we’ll go sit in the corner and suck our thumb?”

Millions of dollars of profit later, the answer is a “hell no!”

You can come into any opportunity at any point in the game…

… With no name.

… With no huge list

… Without prior success

… Without any social support

And still blow the roof off the damn thing.

How, you ask?  By manufacturing an unfair advantage:

Learn to leverage your language to create a distinct chip.  Not a better chip.  A chip that makes crunchy munchy time, your time.

Where people actually want to lick you and dip you.

Then recommend you to all of their chip eating brotha’s.

(Again, not because you taste any better than the hundreds of other chips out there – but because you won the “pick me!” game)

“Makes sense Matt, but how?”

Jus’ told you amigo.  Use yer words.  No, use better words.  No, use fresh words.

For starters, kill the cliches and stop being so god damn dry.

“Well our comp plan…”

Puhhh lease.

“All you gotta do is get 2 that get 2 that get 2 and…”

Stop, So the entire world population would be in this thing in 37 days?

“Our company is the fastest growing at a rate of…”

Imma stop you there, bud.  I need stats of your stupid company like I need an STD.

“Can I ask you a favor?  Who do you know that would like to make full time income with part time…”

Finish this sentence and imma throat punch you.

“Everyone drinks coffee (or: wants to lose weight, desires smooth skin, wants to make more money)… just think of the income potential.”

Oooohhh, I wish you would.

I’m honestly starting to see that the problem isn’t getting found.  Even if you’re failing SEO school, I know you have probably vomited similar shit all over your Facebook wall.


Betcha, hundreds of your friends and family and unsuspecting innocent bystanders are picking chunks of MLM vomit off their clothes right now.

Hopefully at this point, I’ve injected the idea of needing to cover yourself in bright neon paint to standout in this massive grey shirt wearing mlm arseholes, didn’t I?

Just like that Bell commercial, the guy in blue standing out.

They could have used their commercial time to talk about bland benefits and fluffy features.

But they knew better.

They knew that, millions of Canadians, like me, would tune them out the moment their commercial came on.  So they needed to be anything but cliche or boring or ordinary.

Yet, here I am, totally not thinking of a new cell phone carrier, spreading their brand because of a cool catchy commercial.

Did Bell throw their hands in the air and say:

“Man, Rogers is doing their thing.”

“And Telus sure is tough…”

Fook no!  Every gorilla in every mass market found a way to climb that giant mountain.

Same with online marketing and network marketing…

Everyone on the leaderboard faced the same challenges, the same obstacles, the same odds as you.  And still conquered.

But you’re not going to join em by spitting the same lame rhymes as the other 100k company rappers.

Mic check.

It’s sink or swim baby.  Voice and style.  It’s everything.  I’m telling you, no commanding you to leverage yours.

So that you can take what’s already been beat to death and resurrect it.

This whole Crazy MLM experience? Cheesy one liners, weird sayings, ridiculous references?

It’s all me chico.  The collective core of who I am.

Copywriting, isn’t about finding your voice…

You’ve already got one.

It’s all about learning how to express it through words.  Whether you’re typing, chit chatting on the phone or jogging down Main St butt nakey with a bullhorn.

… If you’re saying whatever comes to mind, or what everyone else is saying, you’re just plain screwed.

What you say trumps what you’re selling any day of the week.

Yep, even hump day.

When it comes to blogging, sales letters, emails et cetera, your words better be leaping off the page and slapping your readers across the face.

Wanna ball till you fall?

Capture this realization (and stuff it in yer pocket):  you ain’t selling your products or your comp plan, you’re selling yourself.

Keep your clothes on.

I mean your unique beliefs, fears, hopes, dreams, perspectives, and individual experiences.

No one – not even your closest family members – have heard that inner voice that talks to you all day, every day.

The reason why I’m able to make money from my blog and the ads I run:

… while most other bloggers, even ones who get lots of views, make only a small fraction of the sales I do:

It’s because I’ve taken that inner realness and put it down on digital paper.

That’s who I am.

It’s who I’d be and what I’d say if I didn’t use a filter and I was 100% true to how I felt at all times.

You don’t need to be me to make it rain, you just need to be (amplified) you.

Maybe that’s someone who closet eats, has a foot fetish and cries when the cineplex snowman video comes on.

Just admit that shit.

And guess what?

Doing so will be scary.  It will take balls.  And you will face self doubt before you click the publish button.

That’s the foundation for compelling communication.

It all starts with you doing you, boo.

Words are weapons.

Now let me shoot this rocket of a cheat sheet into your inbox.

Download it here



Where TF Are My Commissions?

It’s a shocking, and sad fact – Take 100 random home based network marketers, and somewhere between 90 and 99 of em will never make more than five hundred bucks.

Nope, not $500 this month….

Not even $500 this year…

I’m talking not even $500 in their lifetime.

(Slowly swallow Prozak…)

Depressing isn’t it?

Now, if you happen to wake up in the A.M, make a mad dash to your smart phone and anxiously refresh your back office, only to see blank downline squares…

Meaning another day has passed without a new team member or product sale…

You’re not alone amigo.

“Where TF are my commissions?”

Ain’t that the million dollar question.

To be fair, there could be many reasons why your network marketing income is virtually non-existent.

Rather than taking a shot in the dark and attempting to troubleshoot your home biz without even seeing it, why don’t I instead mention the things I do where the leads flow like a river of vodka. (get yer mixer, bruh)

I’m gonna keep it short and simple.

So, buckle up, off we go…

1) Peace

Naw, not the in the sense of hippies, tie dyed shirts and shaggin wagons, but in the sense of me being at peace with the services I promote and the plan of action I have chosen.

Something magical happens when you say to yourself “Hot damn, this is it… I don’t need anything else.  It’s all right here”.

A huge weight feels lifted off of your shoulders.

You stop looking for the next best thing, you unsub from all the gooroo email lists which are pulling and pushing you in all different directions.

“Paralysis analysis” becomes a thing of the past.

And then you start sprinting, full steam ahead towards your destination.

Meanwhile, most wannabe network marketers are jogging, then walking, then turning around and running in the opposite direction, maybe taking a wrong turn here and there and eventually reaching a dead end… only to have to back track and start all over again.

Until you find your ideal path (marketing formula) and you allow yourself to get all in mentally, that’s when you really begin to shine.

Leads, signups and sales don’t land in the laps of indecisive, wishy-washy, “I’ll give it a try” type of tire kickers.

They go to those who have visions and a clear direction.

Nothing’s better.

In having that undisputable inner peace and unwavering belief, their message is much more convincing to potential prospects.

That’s why in my marketing I have never had an issue injecting leads into my autoresponder.

There was no reason for anyone to want to buy what I promote…

…except for the fact that I had a vision and certainty with my marketing that could not be faked.

Peace, dude (find it)

2) Skinny

Naw, not in the sense of Christian Bale preparing for the role in the movie “The Machinist” skinny…

…but in the sense of: I’ve trimmed the fat and now run a clean, lean and mean marketing business type of skinny.

This proven profit producing element is super easy to explain.

Simply put, I only do activities that make the money tree shake and I can just easily pick up the droppings (bills, silly)

I don’t play on Facebook, don’t casually watch cat vids on youtube, don’t waste my time fighting and bickering with other marketers on MLM forums, and I don’t lie to myself about which tasks take me closer to my goal and which don’t.

I’m really a time snob.

The rate at which I value my time is so skyrise high that it makes me ill to even consider wasting a half hour on some BS OCD loop that won’t put mo chedda in my wallet.

On top of that, I keep it real when it comes to my to do list for the day.

If it ain’t on my core commitments (blog post coming on these), I’m probably not doing it.

(quick overview of my commitments. They are; learn daily, market daily, workout daily)

As obvious as those seem, the peeps failing tend to spend their time doing anything but the tasks mentioned.

I win at generating leads because I consistently put out my compelling content than my competitors and I get my content in front of motivated buyers, every day.

I’ve become selectively ignorant to everyone and everything that doesn’t move my business forward.

I couldn’t tell you the new system the guru’s are pushing these days, or whose launching some course, or what the trending topic is over on mlm forums.

I’m in mah zone, always.

Trim the fat in your business and in your life…

…so that almost everything you read, watch, listen to, think about or do involves making you a better marketer.

And for God’s sake, ditch the Cliche’s.

When you can match the 2 concepts I have, discovering signups and sales and finding commissions injected into your bank account will become your new morning ritual.

Write your way to commissions by clicking here and getting my copywriting cheat sheet..

No more asking yerself, “Where TF are my commissions”!?







Dear Multi-level Marketer/Network Marketer

If you want to be heard in this stupid-dumb-loud One Direction concert we call the internet, you gotta stop using the first words that come to mind.  Otherwise Harry ain’t gonna notice yer groupie ass.

But there is hope.  It’s called copywriting.  If you learn it?  You might just find yourself backstage with a rock star client.  Or 20.

Calm down, it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds.  While a natural knack at writing doesn’t hurt, its not an absolute requirement.  And you didn’t need an A in english either.

I mean, shit.

When I was in high school, most of my english classes were spent drawing some epic doodles, and I spent most of my time drifting in and out of eyes-wide-open naps.  I was a c- student in engrish.

My point:  Needles, dude.  I can show you how to inject better words into your marketing to make more cash.

One of the things you can start doing immediately to instantly become 100X better at typing nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives (god I can’t even believe I’m typing those words) is: avoid cliches.

In word warfare, this is how you annihilate your rivals – the millions of other network marketers online, who are shouting even louder, desperately fighting for the same scarce attention you are.

It’s a daunting task, ain’t it?  Just being seen is a real bitch, but then you gotta be impressive enough that anyone gives a damn.

So let’s rap about that:  In an ever growing sea of good looking groupies, how do you become a dropper of jaws? a receiver of double takes? the big boobed blond bombshell?

Is it really as simple as cropping out cliches?

For instance, if you have never said (typed) “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side”, “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, or more specific to MLM’ers, “I’m helping people change lives”, “teamwork makes the dream work”, would money happen to just find its way into your bank account?  And if so, how?  Wouldn’t you have noticed more zero’s in your bank account?

This is me, eye’s wide open glaring into your eyes, saying YES.  It is that simple.

Surprisingly like all simple advice, it’s only useful if you apply it.  And, as you’ll see, there is a lot that goes into pulling this off.

Finding creative, refreshing, attractive new ways to fashion played-out paragraphs will require you to:

  • Be constantly aware of all the lame, dull, douchey communication crimes taking place in the network marketing space.
  • Check every single sentence you string together to absolutely make sure you haven’t committed the crime yourself.
  • Continually be coming up with alternative words, phrases, metaphors, et cetera, to have on stand by.
  • Sub, swap and edit the shizzle outta everything you write before hitting the publish button.

None of it is hard or even all that time consuming.  In fact, the first step should automatically make your first draft much better than average. (just be aware of over abused words, lame sayings, and annoyingly ordinary MLM behavior).

But, you’ll need to snap outta that trance.

So.  Rather than leave it open to interpretation, I’ll go ahead and tell you what to avoid.  Here are 21 of my top network marketing no-no’s – words, phrases, or behaviors that you want to avoid like boys do commitment.

  1. “Newsletter”,or “sign up to get blog updates” (ughhhh)
  2. Anything to do with “empowering”. (Seriously… so overplayed)
  3. “Guru”. (Honestly?)
  4. “Awesome” (I am an offender of this….)
  5. “Crush it” or also “Kill it” (2013 called…)
  6. “Epic”
  7. Slightest amount of hype. (Dirtbag)
  8. “Make money online” (The STD of online marketing)
  9. Any reference to the “right time, right place.  Also comparing your new deal to “getting in on groundfloor like Microsoft or Apple” (How do you even look yourself in the mirror?)
  10. “PM me to get started” (How bout I punch you right in the mouth?)
  11. Any corporate lame oh sounding tagline/statement.  Ex. “I’m passionate about changing peoples lives” (Excuse me while I barf)
  12. Acting like you are not in it to make money (Gimme a break)
  13. Sounding needy
  14. Pop ups
  15. Yellow highlighters
  16. Any mention of yer comp plan
  17. Lines mentioning “you get two and they get two….” (Cool story dude)
  18. Make a list, memory joggers or asking who do you know (It’s called integrity)
  19. Posting your product all over your social media page (*Eye roll*)
  20. Acting like the company cheerleader (Put the pom poms down sally)
  21. Recommending Think and Grow Rich, anything Tony Robbins says, plus hangin off the nut sack of Jim Rohn. (Hey, they aren’t bad people or have bad books or talks but because every damn network marketer in the history of MLM has the same recommendations)

There you have it.  A monster list of 21 don’t do’s that, if followed, will push you to the front of the line of MLM people that will get you noticed… oh, and paid.

Now, there’s always a chance that this exercise made you realize: Holy shit, the entire network marketing industry is uninspiring, trite, and downright full of douchey sayings.  It may also make you realize, “Hot damn, how am I standing out in front of all the other sheeple that are doing the exact same thing”?

Anyways, keep it cliche free.  That’s all the advice I can really give ya.

Now, I got twins to take care of.

Till next time,


PS – For my edgy, somewhat sinful, sexy copywriting tips I put together in a short 15 some pager cheat sheet, Click here and I’ll send you the download link.  You’ll thank me later.


Building an insanely profitable network marketing business really hinges on one thing:

Lead Generation Baby…

If you can get a constant flow of ready to buy network marketing leads, you could blow at everything else, and still kill it.

Most marketers can’t.  And therefore, don’t (kill it).

It’s not from a lack of effort though.

You see these marketers on social media hounding their friends and family, inviting people to pitch fests (webinars disguised as training),  and just trying way to hard pitching their opportunity to the wrong crowd, in the wrong way.

I’ve adopted a “reverse” method.

This strategy I use allows me to build a smarter business online, without having to the annoying, uncomfortable, low yield tasks taught by many network marketing companies.

I don’t bother friends and family.

I refuse to attend lame hotel meetings or host high pressure home cookie parties.

And I sure as shit won’t pick up the phone to phone prospects.

Call me lazy (I am), but those methods sound too much like work.  Plus, it seems silly to target people who haven’t already raised their hand and say they’re interested.

Here’s my philosophy:

  • I only target other network marketers and online marketers.  These are the people who get it.  So I don’t have to waste time and energy convincing them MLM is the way to go.
  • I don’t chase or beg.  And I do ZERO offline, in person or over the phone networking.  Instead, I leverage the internet to position myself as a leader who solves problems.  As a result, leads come to me.
  • Instead of me being a cheerleader for the company I am with, I sell ME first, then recommend what I got on the back end.  In this industry, companies get shut down, or people lose interest till the next big thing comes along.  I’d never want to create an income stream that lives or dies and hinges on that specific company itself.
  • I believe in multiple income streams.  A very small percentage of MLM leads will ever join your primary business.  It’s important to have alternatives that can still meet their needs and make you moolah.
  • I could care less about quantity of leads.  I’d way rather have 10 leads with credit card in hand, than 100 leads who’re pure tire kickers.
  • Unlike most network marketers, when I do convert traffic into email friends, I don’t slam em with hyped up promo after the next.  I focus solely on entertaining them and building a stronger relationship.  And as a result, selling happens naturally.  I don’t sell, I market.

Boom goes the dynamite!

As you can see, my philosophy is opposite to many.

It just makes sense, and allows me to build a digital business that is very free flowing.

When the majority are zigging, I’m zagging.

And now that I have just conveniently set this ball right up over the net, I’ll go ahead and spike it now.  Sorry ’bout your glasses, bro.  Shoulda had your hands up.

If you haven’t already,  join my list and download my cheat sheet on how to write sexy sales copy so you can sell your stuff.  You’ll love it, it’s short and sweet and packs a mean kick, Jose.